Ph D

Ph D in Electronics and Communication Engineering

Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur,Tumkur

Course Details

  • The Ph.D. program in ECE is a research-based program. The main strength of the institute is lies in the following areas: signal processing, image processing, VLSI and embedded systems, speech processing, robotics, and communications. The program focuses mainly on thesis. Thesis work requires a good understanding of topics, problem formulation in that particular areaand original contributions are based on the analysis with sufficient mathematical techniques and validation. The results of the research are expected to be of high quality, to be publishable in national/international journals and top conferences related to an area of research. The coursework of this program is of limited amount and that can be finished in one year. The program has an aim of providing a student with the necessary knowledge and to carry out research. During the course work in the first year, the student will decide their faculty advisor and the area of research. Further steps involved are: completing the course work, clearing a set of qualifiers, proposal defense, and thesis defense.