Ph D

Ph D in Computer Science Engineering

Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur,Tumkur

Course Details

  • The main aim of this Ph.D. program is to prepare students to become good researchers and educators, both in the field of academics and industry. Ph.D. scholars studied one major and two minor areas of concentration along with the set of core courses. The minor area covers subjects from areas of another department, such as mathematics or psychology. Under the guidance of the Professors, Ph.D. scholars must produce innovative and high-quality research in any area of computer science, write the thesis on the research and write and defend a dissertation. Both M.Sc. (Engineering) and Ph.D. students are motivated by the faculty members to involve themselves in research activities. Many graduate students of this college become research assistants for various research projects. The general areas of strength of this department include computer graphics, artificial intelligence, high-end computing systems, computer networking, and software engineering.