Ph D

Ph D in Computer Science Engineering

SDM College of Engineering and Technology Dharwad,Dharwad

Important Information

Exam Required ,
Recognition AICTE Recognised
Eligibility Master's degree in Computers
Admission Procedure
  • Based On Merit
Duration This is a 2 Years Course
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Course Details

  • The Computer Science and Engineering department was recognized as Research Centre for the Ph.D. program in 2002 by the VTU. The CS&E department offers a PG study leading to the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering. The Ph.D. degree is awarded for the research that gives a great contribution to the areas of computer engineering or computer science, demonstrated theory and scholarly excellence in study. The Ph.D. program requires a research and concentration of study in specific areas of CS&E. A student should enter into the Ph.D. program with huge knowledge of data structures, high-level programming languages, computer organization, real-time programming, operating systems, formal languages and computer systems design; however, by taking the appropriate course it may be possible to overcome minor difficulties after the admission.