M Tech in VLSI and Embedded Systems

Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur,Tumkur

Course Details

  • This master degree program will cover the basics and engineering aspects of designing, developing and implementing IC-based systems. Traditionally, VLSI technology is known as a successful combination of two streams called Electrical Engineering and Material Science. VLSI technology requires a development of circuits and research in novel design as well as physical devices. The VLSI program will focus on providing hands-on skills in designing circuits, semiconductor devices and designing systems using installed components such as memory, CPU, and peripherals. Students will learn many topics that come across different domains starting from physical device to application development. Students also learn Advanced Embedded Systems, Design of Analog, CMOS VLSI Design, Mixed-Mode VLSI circuits, Real- Time OS, Advanced Microcontrollers, Low-Power VLSI Design, SOC Design, VLSI Design and Verification and more. After getting this degree the graduates will be able to develop VLSI systems.