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Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery is an integrated Indian degree in the medical field. BAMS is the opening degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery system, treating the humanity since long past. BAMS is an undergraduate degree programme in old and ancient ayurvedic medical system containing the prevention and cure to the body by increasing the harmony of kapha, pitta and vata. Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical systems of the world. It traces its roots to the Vedic period. BAMS degree programme is conferred to those students who studied the modern medicines and traditional Ayurveda. It is not only providing the cure but also prevent the recurrence of diseases. The Ayurvedic system of medical care is based on the concept that the natural healing capacity of the body is enhanced by the Ayurvedic medicine. The Ayurvedic treatment includes the increasing resistance of disease by eliminating impurities and increasing harmony of patient’s life. Though ayurvedic system is a trustful medical system, it takes more time to make the patient fit. BAMS degree is awarded after the completion of 4 and 1/2 years academic session and one year internship programme with live practical. The entire course contains the modern anatomy, physiology, principles of medicines and preventive medicines, principle of surgery, forensic medicine, ENT, toxicology and pharmacology. In many cases the people have taken the experience for the trustfulness of the ayurvedic system and medicines treating for the chronic and non-healable disease. The Ayurvedic medicine does the magical effect to rejuvenate the illness or the patient. BAMS career opportunity after the completion of BAMS is not only in India but also in foreign countries. BAMS career option is best as many organizations are working in the manufacturing and research field in abroad are requiring the professional in this field.

Admissionq is an online admission consultants who provide BAMS career guidance programs to educate students about the BAMS career scope. Admissionq will provide exposure to careers available in this field. Interested people can contact us about different programs on career guidance for BAMS students. We provide career advice sessions for students to educate them about this field. Admissionq offers many programs on career guidance for BAMS students. India has the best environment to advantage the research programme in the field of ayurvedic medicine. There is a good opportunity for careers in BAMS and to get the reputed job with highest pay in India and abroad. Various hospitals, clinical research labs recruit the BAMS graduates. There are government and private hospitals, healthcare services and many other drug companies offer careers with BAMS degree.

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