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Career Guidance

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Commerce has always been regarded as one of the best academic streams to pursue which has excellent employment opportunities. Usully B.Com graduates prefer to study CA, CS and other related fields of study. Those who are unable to make the cut for these programmes are left in a lurch with respect to employment opportunities. There are plenty of job opportunities for B.Com graduates. Commerce has always been known as a professional field of study with several exciting and rewarding career opportunities. Commerce students also have the chance to opt for higher studies in their own field in order to enhance their academic knowledge and employability options. There are lucrative professions in various industries such as accounting, insurance, banking and finance, capital markets, stock markets, financial planning, equity research. Accountants are required in every industry and in the field of business.. Even smallest of companies like start-ups would require services of an accountant to keep a check upon the profit and loss balance sheet of their company. B.Com career gets moderate pay initially, but they can also work for multiple companies to enhance their earning potential. Banking is another sector that is very closely related to the field of business commerce and finance. Financial Auditors are one of the most important positions within the financial infrastructure of any company or organization. They check upon financial statements and accounting ledger of companies and organizations. B.Com career option is one of the best as it has the opportunity of joining a government job through different entrance exams like UPSC/SSC or various state public service commissions. The government jobs like IRS, CBDT, Commerce Ministry and Finance Ministry are focused on the concepts of business and finance. There are many options others like economist, journalism, market research, hotel management, administrative jobs, lawyer, event management which commerce students can opt for in order to build a rewarding career.

Admssionq is an online education consultants company which offers B.Com administration career guidance programs to create awareness about the B.Com administration career scope. It educates about the job opportunities for management career in different parts of the world. There are plenty of companies in India which recruits fresh management trainees from reputed colleges and universities. People can contact us to get better understanding of present day’s demands and hotjobs. We have many advisors who provide career consulting and solutions. Admissionq is one of the best providers of programs on career guidance for B.Com. We offer many assistance programs for career guidance for bachelor of B.Com to help them gain more knowledge about career in management. The Careers in bachelor of B.Com have huge demand in all the companies. Candidates with good analytical and communication skills can get plenty of opportunities for careers with bachelor of B.Com degree

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