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Career Guidance

Animation and Multimedia

Animation has a vast scope in the industry as it is extensively used in areas of news broadcast and programming, defense, legal fields, medicine, architecture, design etc. Multimedia is related to drawings, graphics, and computer controlled integration of texts, audio and animations. Multimedia technology applies interactive computer elements such as text, pictures, video, graphics, animation and sound into a single form to deliver the message. The information in the multimedia can be represented through digitally in contrast to traditional media. Multimedia presentations are projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player. A broadcast may be a live or recorded multimedia presentation. Large number of jobs opportunities is created for animators in the area of digital content creation, through games, apps and other exclusive features for mobile programming and applications. Animation is also used in movies, television and advertising industries where excessive special effects are used. Animation and Multimedia career option has a promising future as it is an upcoming field. Animators and multimedia artists create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games etc. Animators are artists who create motion and shape change illusion by making use of rapid display of a sequence of static images. Most Animation and Multimedia career need a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics, art, or a related field to develop both an impressive portfolio of work and the strong technical skills.

Admssionq is an online education consultants company which offers Animation and Multimedia career guidance programs for those who are interested in this field. We provide information about different colleges and universities which offers Animation and Multimedia courses and also about the Animation and Multimedia career scope. It educates students about the basic skills required to opt for this course. There are plenty of companies in India which recruits fresh graduates from reputed colleges and universities. People can contact us to get better understanding of present day’s demands and hotjobs. We have many advisors who provide career consulting and solutions. Admissionq is one of the best providers of programs on career guidance for Animation and Multimedia. We offer many assistance programs for career guidance for bachelor of s Animation and Multimedia students to help them gain more knowledge about career prospects. The Careers in bachelor of Animation and Multimedia have huge demand for those with good computer graphics skills. Candidates with good technical skills can get plenty of opportunities for careers with Animation and Multimedia degree.

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