M Tech in Cyber Informatics

Siddaganga Institute of Technology Tumkur,Tumkur

Course Details

  • The M.Tech program in Cyber Forensic and Information Security at this college combines the disciplines of organizational behavior, business, technology, and law. As the new technologies are evolving in our society, that provides opportunities for technological exploration. In this Master degree program, the students learn techniques used to respond, detect and avoid network intrusions. The students also know more about the concepts such as the appropriate risk management, information technology alignment and responsible use of resources. Developing a high-quality computer investigating specialist is the main aim of this program. Digital-forensic or Cyber forensic is the process of collecting data and information from computer to serve as evidence for civil purpose or for evidence in many cases, to prosecute and prove cybercrime. With evolving and changing technology the cyber forensic professionals must continually update themselves on the new technology to collect data. They are experts in legal and ethical principles reliability and completeness of digital evidence, standards of practice and forensic procedures and techniques.