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Career Guidance

Naturopathy & Yogic Science

Naturopathy is a cost-effective treatment process which detects the very root cause of diseases by restoring harmony among various components of Naturopathy lifestyle including physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental and psychological. Naturopathy is centered on the body’s own healing ability, and thus promotes self-cleansing, repair and healing. Focusing on the immune, nervous, hormonal and detoxification systems of the body can achieve this process. Nature Cure is a drugless therapy which is safe and enhances sustainable and functional ability of the body. It is cost-effective remedy and without any side effects which attracts large number of people. Many people opted to nature cure therapies like massage, sun bath, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, diet therapy, etc. A number of public and private colleges and institutes in India are offering. Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS) course. Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences career option is one of the best as it provides effective therapies of traditional system of medicine which has the power in the management and controlling of chronic diseases. The BNYS doctors and naturopaths can contribute a lot in these health related problems. There is a huge demand for experienced naturopaths and therapist in the developed and developing countries of the world. The naturopathy and Yogic Sciences career has good employment opportunity in India and abroad. The job outlook for naturopathy physician, therapist is encouraging both nationally and internationally. Many countries across the globe are hiring naturopathy physicians. Since, the field is the inception stage, has great potential in the days to come. Both the government and private sectors offer good placement for a deserving naturopathic doctor.

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