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Career Guidance

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs)

Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) searches for basic clues to the causes of diseases. MLT’s are skilled individual responsible for performing laboratory tests accurately and efficiently for high-quality patient care. MLT’s work in a medical laboratory, under the guidance or supervision of a medical technologist. Medical technologists are in extremely high demand. MLT’s work in medical labs helping to prepare and analyze slides and specimens of human blood, tissue and other cells using some equipments. Medical Laboratory Technicians help to identify abnormalities in the samples such asmbacteria, parasites, malignancies or genetic abnormalities. Medical laboratory technicians assist in blood-typing and other routine blood tests and do similar work as medical technologists but at a less complex level. Educational requirements for medical laboratory technicians are less than the requirements for medical technologists. Medical technologists can work in a variety of settings, like labs in hospitals, clinics, universities, public health institutions independent laboratories. A medical technologist career requires a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field. The completion of an accredited medical technologist program is also required to become MLT’s. Medical Laboratory Technician career option is one of the best careers in the medical field. Medical Laboratory Technician career has plenty of job opportunities.

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